Our Mission

Born and raised in sunny California, the land of palm trees, sandy beaches and Hollywood, mushee cosmetics strives to offer high-quality and affordable skincare to help you achieve beautiful and healthy skin. Here at mushee cosmetics, we believe in the power of skincare in bringing about confidence and positive feelings of self-worth. We want to make every single one of you feel beautiful on the inside and out!

All our skincare is cruelty-free and vegan because we believe that the use of animals in the beauty industry has no place in our modern world. We are committed to sustainability and the environment which is evidenced by our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. As part of the Five Tree Mission, every order placed on mushee cosmetics plants 5 trees to support the reforestation effort.

Who Are We?

Our Story

Hello #musheefam! We are the founders of mushee cosmetics – Himani and Emmanuel. In 2019, from our humble Californian abode, we had a simple dream:

We wanted to create an exclusively online cosmetics brand that could be accessible to everyone across the US. With our ingenuity and love for cosmetics, our goal was to deliver carefully formulated skincare with the highest-quality ingredients sourced from around the world. We wanted to ensure our formulas were safe for individuals of all skin types.

We were on a roll with the development of mushee cosmetics, but the COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench in the works. Nevertheless, we did our best in the given situation and continued to persevere with the resources at our disposal.

A dream that wasn't simple...

But we pushed on,

As founders, we feel grateful that we have had the opportunity to put our dreams and ideas into reality. We both bring our unique experiences, perspectives and expertise to this business partnership and mushee cosmetics.

With a simple dream and a passion for beauty and skincare, we have been able to take our modest ideas, bring our brand to fruition, and turn mushee cosmetics into what it is today.

We hope that you will grow to love mushee cosmetics just as much as we do. We will continue to commit to creating high-quality and affordable skincare for all.

We thank you for your ongoing love and support. Please join us in our journey @musheecosmetics and our community #musheefam. Much love,