Want Something Sweet?

Let's just say - We've got you covered.

Our very own rewards program.

mushee treats™ is our way of giving back to our loyal members in a way that's not only rewarding, but packed full of fun while you get those YUM discounts, gifts, and more. Just look at it this way, you can save money and enjoy it at the same time! Did we mention there's a leaderboard? Find out who's at the top!

How to earn mushee treats?

1. Every $1 Spent, Earns 1 mushee treat and 1 Sweet Experience

2. Earn Sweet Experience 
to unlock the next level

3. Complete Challenges that unlock Badges - another way to earn mushee treats

4. See where YOU stand by checking our leaderboards

And this isn't the only way to earn mushee treats (hint: look below thx)

*Trees will be scheduled on birthdays, but day of planting will vary.

As a bonus, we'll throw this in too

Every Order Plants FIVE Trees!

ALL orders will plant FIVE TREES so that even YOU can make a difference for our planet!

Free Shipping On Orders OVER $75

All orders over $75 will automatically earn FREE SHIPPING!